what is po.fo?

We created po.fo with the intent to democratize events streaming, give content creator a chance to rake in from their ideas and help charities spread their words and collect donations.

is po.fo anynymous?

We totally respect your privacy and we have no interest in collecting your personal details if we are not forced to do it by law. We are really trying to be different and will do our best to keep it this way.

what I need to use po.fo?

You just a need a browser, your viewers only need a browser. Of course you must also have Internet connectivity to make the magic happen ;-) Most of our users simply use their smartphones. If you are serious we strongly suggest the use of a gimbal.

is po.fo free?

We try to make po.fo freely avaialble to anyone for short-term non-paying events (30 minutes limit). We charge a 10% fee on all paying events and donations collected. The 10% fee covers transactions cost and will let us continue to offer to anyone free short-term events. If you are a charity and you plan to accept donations during an event please drop us a line because we have a discounted rate available for you!

can I schedule a po.fo

Sure, just click the calendar icon and select the date and time you want to be on-air. Simpy confirm to create your po.fo. for your convenience feel free to download the calendar of the event and share the shor link to all your friends and contacts.

I like po.fo and I love your vision, can you add this feature?

We strive to make po.fo different and useful to anyone. Feel free to share your need or idea we'll be glad to give you a feedback. We prioritize fetures that have a wider impact on the community but at the same time we can also provide bespoke streaming solutions based on po.fo technology and eco-system. po.fo powers live streaming products in multiple markets, we are more than happy to understand your requirement and look into a solution. Simply contact us.

i have a problem with po.fo how do I reach you?

we built po.fo to "just work" but we appreciate problems can happen. we are here to solve them. just tell us what went wrong with you, we are more than happy to help.